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What are Tonsil Stones?

Dark Brown/Black Tonsil Stones – What Do these Dark Spots Indicate?

Tonsil Stone is commonly known for its whitish solid materials developing on the tonsils. But there has been also observed with the stone in dark coloration. What do these dark spots indicate? Well, this dark spot or stone-like structure is nothing but the Dark Brown/Black Tonsil Stones. This is a rare case seen in patients suffering tonsilloliths. They have all the symptoms like the Tonsil stone having- bad odor, swelling of tonsil glands, difficulties while swallowing food and much more.

Tonsilloliths normally occur in the patients due to the calcification of left-over food on the piths of the tonsils. While the formation of the stone will take a long duration in which when you discover the stone, you can easily remove them using home remedies. But if the disease or stone increases is more rapidly, then you must immediately go for the medical treatments. There are different types of medical methods by which you can easily get rid of tonsil stones like surgery, taking antibiotic pills and much more.

So when you have the Dark Brown/Black Tonsil Stones, then you should follow the same treatment as the normal whitish stones. While the formation of Dark or brown tonsil stone has some of the various reasons. Let us be more clear on this matter about why the Black or dark brown Tonsil Stones is developed and why this happens?

Dark Brown/Black Tonsil Stones – What do these dark spots indicate?

Black Tonsil Stones

Most of the patients suffering from Tonsilloliths may be confused, for what are the reason why this black stone formed in the tonsils. They are also the Tonsil stones, but the formation of dark coloration is actually indicating some internal injuries.

The Reason Behind the Dark Stone Formation are as Follows- 

  • Calcified with Blood cells- The main reason for the formation of dark brown tonsil stones because it can form due to the bleeding. The Tonsils when placed with some stones, they usually bleed. When the infected area is roughly touched, they caused bleeding. This bleeding is take up with the stone formation, and thus dark colors are produced. In the formation of Tonsil stone, the debris includes- leftover foods, bacterial colonies, and solid materials.
  • Calcified with Impurities– Formation of stones inside our body is normally caused due to the calcium accumulations. This accumulation of calcium will also form along with the food leftover and impurities particles.These impurities particle rots and becomes dark in color which later on the tonsil stone takes the formed in dark brown in colors.
  • Calcification along with other minerals– During calcification of tonsil stones, it is not only the calcium ions which is helping in the formation of stones. But also other mineral ions like- sodium, potassium and other minerals involved the formation of stones. This due to the involvement of other minerals results in the formation of dark brown tonsil stones.

Final Verdict:

So these are the main reasons behind why does the tonsil stones take form into Black or dark brown colors. Technically, both the white or dark stone is tonsilloliths. And the process for treatment of both the forms is similar too. Just the appearance of the stones seems different due to impurities and there is nothing to worry much about it. Hope, you also follow the home remedies to remove the stone as this will also help you remove the tonsil stones.